System Consultants

Computer Specialists

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The service is offered in both short- and long term format, allowing for a range of ad-hoc to full support service outsourcing solutions. The support itself can be delivered in both remote and on-site support, again allowing for a multitude of options when it comes to meeting business requirements with an effective solution.



Our service offering range includes:

  • Internet and network connectivity which includes options like leased lines, satellite, 3G/GPRS and ADSL
  • Hardware and software infrastructure at the customer’s premises which can include servers, routers, terminals, printers, desktops and notebooks. This is offered in both a lease and outright purchase option
  • The support and maintenance on the network and infrastructure to ensure optimal uptime and business productivity.



We sell several services and software products in the form of Software as a Service. This allows the customer the maximum benefit with the least amount of financial investment. Both the software and servers are supported and maintained by System Consultants.

Application hosting is offered to accommodate customers who own their own software licenses but prefer that the hosting thereof is done on our infrastructure. This allows the customer to have an enterprise level solution without the worries or technical expertise.

Dedicated Server hosting is offered to customers who has their own software and internal technical abilities, but require the infrastructure to host these servers.